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Treatment Of Movement Disorders

Treatment Of Movement Disorders

Hello. My name is Dr. Kevin Kwan and I practice in Huntington Beach.

The majority of people believe that a dentist’s primary role is to drill and fill teeth. However, I would like to highlight the fact that we can treat more than just teeth.

Do you, or do you know anyone that suffers from Tourette’s syndrome or Parkinson’s disease? At our practice, we treat movement disorders such as essential tremors, tics, dystonia, etc. Furthermore, our treatment does NOT include any surgery or medication.

The cause of movement disorders is still relatively unknown. And the treatments mainly consist of medications, physiotherapy, psychiatric care, and in severe cases surgery.

After years of study and research it has been found that movement disorders are related to the cervical spine, the jaw joints, and the skull.  At our office, we believe that an oral appliance can possibly reduce movement disorders by 80% to 90% within days of wearing the appliance. Again, this is without any injection or medication.

With our treatment, we are able to give our patients significant relief and control in their daily lives. Although it is not a cure, we have seen a significant increase in our patient’s quality of life.

Therefore, if you are suffering from a movement disorder such as Tourette’s Syndrome or Parkinson’s Disease know that we are here to help.

We offer a free consultation for all new patients, so please give us a call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.