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Legacy Care Plan

At Legacy Dental Care, we believe that every patient deserves the right to get dental care. This is why we make it possible to pay for your dental services in a convenient and affordable way. Many patients may neglect their dental needs due to the high cost of care. In order to keep your oral health as great as possible, we have an in-office discount plan for all of our patients that do not have dental insurance.

What is the
Legacy Care Plan?

We offer the Legacy Care Plan to all patients in Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas. This plan is made for patients that do not have insurance so that you do not miss out on critical dental care. There are no maximum’s, no waiting periods, no pre-authorizations, and no deductibles.

What’s Included
in the Plan?

With the Legacy Care Plan, you will receive essential dental care that can help you reach your most optimal oral health.

The plan includes:

  • Two exams
  • Two thorough prophylaxis dental cleanings
  • A set of x-rays that includes four bitewings and three peri-apicals
  • Fluoride treatment for patients up to 12 years old
  • 15% off of general dentistry treatment

How Do
I Apply the Plan?

This plan was made solely to benefit our patients. To apply to the plan, all you have to do is complete the enrollment application. Once you have turned it in, your membership is validated, and you can visit our office to start treatment. With this legacy care plan, you will save a ton of money on dental care without sacrificing quality. Get the dental care you need with the professionals at Legacy Dental Care.

Apply for the Legacy Care Plan today!