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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease of the brain that causes several movement disorders. Men are more likely to suffer from this disorder.

It is a progressive disorder and becomes worse as time progresses.

Brain cells produce Dopamine. Dopamine relays messages between nerves and the muscle. It gives a smooth coordinated muscle movement. When dopamine becomes less and less, motor symptoms appear–neurodegeneration.

The following are some of the common Parkinson’s disease symptoms:

  • ✱ Tremor of hands and arms
  • ✱ Slow in movement
  • ✱ Stiffness of arms and legs
  • ✱ Postural instability
  • ✱ Inability to walk normally
  • ✱ Sudden inability to move
  • ✱ Loss of facial expression
  • ✱ Loss of smell
  • ✱ Depression
  • ✱ Constipation

After years of study and research, it has been found that movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease can be related to the cervical spine, the jaw joints, and the skull.  At our office, we believe that an oral appliance can possibly reduce movement disorders by 80% to 90% within days of wearing the appliance. Again, this is without any injection or medication.

With our treatment, we are able to give our patients significant relief and control in their daily lives. Although it is not a cure, we have seen a significant increase in our patient’s quality of life. Therefore, if you are suffering from a movement disorder such as Parkinson’s Disease know that we are here to help. Please give us a call at (714) 893-8517 for a consultation.