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4 Aug, 2019

Dental Implants – The Permanent Alternative to Dentures

If you are a dental patient who is missing teeth, it’s likely you’ve thought about how to replace them. If dentures and bridges have not called your interest, then you may want to know about dental implants. This is a revolutionary way to replace teeth in the mouth, whether they have been knocked out, extracted, or lost due to gum disease. Your Legacy Dental Care professional can provide implants that allow you to eat and smile beautifully without any appliances.

Qualified Dental Implantologist

When you visit our office, you can speak with a qualified dental professional who is highly trained in the art of inserting dental implants. We have the tools needed to ensure the correct placement of the implant, lessening the risk of errors, and making sure that your implant is comfortable and stable. Our experts put your care first, so you are in the best of hands.

Can Everyone Have Dental Implants?

Not every patient will be able to get dental implants. We work with you as much as we can, going through treatment options to give you a beautiful and healthy smile. If you have oral health issues or a low amount of jawbone, we will need to treat these issues before recommending implants.

Single, Multiple and Bridge Implants

Patients can get a single tooth replaced, multiple individual teeth, or several teeth in a row. We determine the best treatment plan based on your desires for your teeth and what would be optimal for your oral health. You may even be able to get full dentures with your dental implants in Huntington Beach, CA.

Comprehensive Dental Care

At our office, you get complete care from experts in the dental field. We put your health first, keeping you comfortable, and making sure each procedure is safe and effective. Huntington Beach dental implants are made of high-quality materials and are safe, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Restore your Self-Confidence

By getting a tooth implant in Huntington Beach, you can restore your smile, and along with it, your self-confidence. If you want to remember how it feels to smile without apprehension, schedule an appointment with our office.