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1 Sep, 2019

The Difference Between Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants Huntington Beach, CA

When you wish to opt for dental implant you must know that you may choose from traditional dental implants and mini dental implants. There exists a difference between the two which is worth understanding. By understanding the difference, the goal is to select the best replacement option which is long-lasting, durable and looks natural.

It all comes down to size

Traditional dental implant has a diameter of 3 to 6 mm but mini dental implant is just half the size of a traditional implant. These days patients prefer mini dental implant over traditional because of its size. This is because not every patient has right bones density to support a full-size implant.

Attaching a tooth

Traditional implant requires second metal piece to attach to new tooth but mini implant does not require abutment hence the new tooth can be secured without this third piece thus making mini implant a better option for replacement.

What they are made of

Both dental implants use titanium because it can be easily integrated into the teeth and it also ensures same level of appearance for natural tooth.

Are there any differences between dental implants and mini dental implants regarding how long they last?

Traditional dental implants have been in existence since long than mini dental implant and thus it is easy to say that it can stay for long if proper care is taken.

Are dental implants and mini dental implants used for different reasons?

No, both the implants can meet the same purpose. It can effectively replace the missing teeth. Both of them can ensure natural looking, durable results.

Are there any reasons that a mini dental implant is better than a traditional implant?

Mini dental implants are a suggested option when jawbone is not enough dense to support the implant. It can also be suggested when temporary or faster solution is expected.

Will they look different?

As, both the procedure uses the same material for implant both will look exactly the same. They may differ in size.