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8 Aug, 2019

Five Fast Facts About Dental Veneers in Huntington Beach, CA

You can get dental veneers from Legacy Dental Care professionals that give you a beautiful and radiant smile that lasts for years. Let’s get into five facts about veneers you may not have known.

Dental Veneers Provide Realistic Improvements

Veneers are unique in the fact that they look just like your real teeth except that they are much more visually appealing. They mimic the natural shape and look of your teeth, giving you a beautiful smile without teeth whitening or more invasive cosmetic treatment.

Dental Veneers are a Perfect Alternative to Teeth Whitening

If you need to whiten your teeth but cannot, for any reason, then dental veneers may be the next best option. They can be applied to the teeth and permanently change the way they look, preventing teeth from showing any signs of dullness or yellowing. You can choose porcelain or composite veneers in Huntington Beach, CA.

Dental Veneers are a Great Alternative to Braces

Traditional braces are still a great way to get your teeth straight and improve oral health, but the process can take a long time. Traditional braces also call attention to the mouth and may be uncomfortable as they shift the teeth. Porcelain veneers in Huntington Beach, CA, are comfortable and can make your teeth appear straighter without the need for braces and other straightening methods.

Dental Veneers Are Low-Maintenance

Since dental veneers are placed on the front of teeth, there is not much chewing done in this area. You don’t have to worry about them wearing down or staining, as they resist stains and can last for several years if they are taken care of. Visit your dentist regularly to get exams and cleanings to maintain your dental veneers by Long Beach professionals.

Dental Veneers Can Cover Any Minor Flaws

Any problems that you have with your teeth, such as chips or cracks, can be covered using dental veneers. Any type of discoloration in teeth, as well as wear and tear of the enamel, can be masked efficiently. If your dental flaws are not severely impacting your oral health or the structure of your tooth, you may be a candidate for high-quality cosmetic veneers in Huntington Beach, CA.