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3 Aug, 2019

Dental Bonding vs. Dental Crowns for Chipped Teeth

There are two options when it comes to mending a damaged tooth. Dental bonding and Dental crown both can restore your tooth. Take a look at these facts to decide which will suit you best.

Dental Bonding

The effectiveness of dental bonding depends from case to case. Dental bonding is generally used when only a part of a tooth is impaired. But sometimes, dentists also use it to restore a complete tooth.

A bonding material is used to cover the missing parts. It then gets tougher in the course of time. Once settled, you will get the look of a natural tooth. It is even reasonably priced.

If you are thinking of getting a dental bond, Legacy Dental Care can help you out.

Dental Crowns

Unlike dental bonding, dental crowns are used to cover serious tooth injuries. Crown is a cap-like structure. It conceals the entire space of a missing tooth.

The procedure related to the fixing of the dental crown is time-taking. An impression of the missing tooth is taken. Based on that, an artificial crown is made. Till the permanent one is made, a temporary crown is placed in the gap. Once created, the dental crown will remain forever. And you will be getting a reliable tooth. But since it a long process, it is costlier than dental bonding.

Dental bonding vs. Dental crowns

Well-trained dentists such as those at Legacy Dental Care examine your problem first. This is done by a thorough inspection of your missing or dented tooth. The surrounding areas of the tooth are also tested. They then go on to determine which method will serve your purpose. The dentists will let you know the benefits and disadvantages of both the treatments.

For instance, dental bonding is cheaper than dental crowning. But the latter has more chances of curing the defect found in your tooth. Also, if a lasting solution is sought, dental crowning will be a better option. You will have to make a decision about weighing the pros and cons of each. Make sure to select the right alternative.