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12 Sep, 2019

Everything You Should Know About Functional Orthodontics

Every time the term orthodontics comes up, people begin to think of the cosmetic benefits that come with the treatment. While this specialty will realize a cosmetic improvement in the appearance of your smile, it is not the primary reason for orthodontics. There is another approach to orthodontic treatment that is often not familiar nor […]

11 Sep, 2019

How to Celebrate 17th June National Teeth Whitening Day

Days set aside to celebrate dental wellness are not as exciting as other holidays, say, Halloween. However, there are several benefits to acknowledging this day…

10 Sep, 2019

Facts About Invisalign

Do you remember when the traditional metal braces were the orthodontic treatment of choice? A lot has changed since then, and today we have comfortable and invisible orthodontic devices such as invisible braces. Invisalign is a common brand preferred by many because it’s convenient, comfortable, and barely noticeable. These clear aligners cost the same as […]

9 Sep, 2019

Why You Should Never Ignore Your Loud Snoring?

Do you believe your extremely loud snoring is just an involuntary sound you are making when you sleep? If so, we suggest you read this article to understand why…

8 Sep, 2019

The Process of Root Canal Explained

Root canal treatment is unique from other dental procedures. It majors in preserving the life of a mature adult tooth for as long as possible. Some people may be lucky enough to sustain healthy teeth all through adulthood. However, most of the human population still battle with tooth loss and frequent damage.

6 Sep, 2019

Finding a Saturday Dentist Offering All Services Can Be Challenging in the United States

Life in the United States is hectic and can keep you moving throughout the week and things can get even more challenging if you have a dental problem close to the weekend and need to find a dentist open on Saturday near you. You may have ignored the dental problem for various reasons until the […]